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I recently got a set of the new Apeks Tech Shorts which I’ve just been able to try out in Cyprus and my first impressions are very positive. 

So why use a pair of shorts with pockets?  I previously wrote a blog on a pair of Scubapro Hybrid Shorts with Pockets (link) that can explain why.  So why try the Apeks shorts if I already had a similar pair?  Well, the Scubapro’s were generally great, however the pockets were slightly too small.  Hence the trial.

The shorts are made from 1.5mm neoprene so they can be worn as a standalone item or over a suit (wet or dry).  They are fitted with large cargo pockets which can be stored flat when not in use and have drainage grommets fitted to the bottom.  Each pocket is also divided into two segments and if fitted with large D-rings for accessory attachment.  The waist is secured by two belt lock Velcro patches (one each side) and a belt.  Finally the rear of the shorts is fitted with a protective rubber print for added protection and to aid grip when sitting down.

The pockets are very large and I can fit in all my accessories with ease; a 2m DSMB and spool, and wetnotes in my left pocket, and my spare mask, my 1m backup DSMB and spool, and a 50m spool in my right pocket.  I added bungee cord loops onto the D-rings, similar to my drysuit, so that I can clip my accessories on.  This also enable me to remove them without losing anything.  However, the inside pocket that I was going to use to slide my wetnotes into seems a little tight.  I can fit the wetnotes in, but I am not sure that I could re-stow them if required. 

The waist system is simple to use however I would have preferred an elasticated waist strap over a material one.  I am a 32” waist and I was wearing a 7mm semi-dry so I opted for a size small, however the waist strap was still on its smallest setting and I wish there was another inch of adjustment.  Despite the velco being tight I needed to pull the shorts up slightly prior to a dive.  This could have been due to the weight of the contents in the pockets, or that my thighs are too big, or that I was wearing them for an entire day.  It’d be interesting to try these as a standalone pair or over a 3mm suit for comparison. 

At around £80 they’re not exactly cheap, and are over twice the price of the Scubapros, however I’ve seen them online for around £62.  Despite the couple of negative points, I am very impressed and will be definitely be using these again. These are my first choice when wetsuit diving and I can recommend them to everyone.

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