Sunday, 25 June 2017


Twelve months later than originally planned, I’ve finally got around to writing my review of the Apeks Manifold and Bands.  And I have to admit, Apeks have delivered yet another top notch product.

In January 2016, about five minutes after the picture on the right was taken I managed to slip over.  Now I know why they call it a slipway!  Although I didn’t notice it at the time, one of my cylinders had moved on impact and bent the manifold (left).


All my equipment is purchased as I’m not sponsored so I had a dilemma, replace the center section or try the new Apeks valves.  I chose the latter but got blanking plugs for my old valves and recouped some of the cash as they were ideal for sidemounters.  The new bands weren’t required but I’m a tart so why not?!? Again the old ones were sold to recoup some of the costs.

My initial thoughts were that they were very smooth to use, much more than my previous valves, and I thought that they were smooth.  So much so, one of my safety divers on a recent TDI AN/DP course  commented:

“we all need to go out and buy an apeks manifold after watching Tim turn his valves with one finger.  Git”

The valves are extremely well made, and like their regulator dust caps, have spare o-rings inside the knobs.  The bands are equally as well made and provide excellent stability to your cylinders.

I’m currently looking at getting another twinset for teaching and I’m dubious about going back to  any other valves.

The boring bit!
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Safe diving!

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