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About rectotec
rectotec is a diver training facility offering open circuit diver training from beginner through to normoxic Trimix with BSAC, PADI & SDI/TDI.  In addition to full courses, we’re also happy to teach referrals, individual sessions or offer 1 to 1 coaching.  Located in Barnstaple, Devon, and Birmingham, West Midlands, we are able to run courses at a time and location that best suits you.  Theory lessons can be done on-site, via e-learning or even at your location on special request.  rectotec is also happy to work with dive shops or clubs and run courses in your area. 

rectotec teach in single and twin set configurations and although practise the Hogarthian style (except when agency standards dictates otherwise), we have an open mind and are happy to discuss any configuration questions that you may have.  Equipment may also be provided if required.  We can help you ‘future proof’ your equipment to ensure you buy the correct gear first time.  Although this initially may appear expensive, the right equipment will save you money in the long run. 

Underwater lessons are filmed for accurate post-dive critiques; they will not be used otherwise without explicit consent.  All footage will be deleted by the end of the day however if you want it for personal reasons, please remember to bring a storage device with you.

At rectotec we only recommend equipment that we either dive with or would be happy to use.  We are proud to be dealers for the following manufacturers; Light-For-Me, TeclineDive Signs, RescuEAN and Sea & Sea.

About Tim Gort
Tim Gort has been fortunate to have trained under and dived with some of the best diving instructors within the UK.  Tim has dived in various locations such as Ascension, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Maldives, Egypt, Florida and the Socorro and Guadalupe Islands Mexico.  In 2008 he was part of Exercise JURASSIC SHARK 2, winner of the Duke of Edinburgh's Prize for the British Sub-Aqua Club.  It was Tim’s passion for diving that led him to start rectotec in 2012.

Tim Gort learnt to dive in 2003 however he was mainly a warm water diver until he joined the Royal Engineers Sports Diving Association (RESDA) and found a love for UK diving. Tim became a BSAC OWI in 2007 and an AI in 2009. He is also a BSAC First Class Diver, a BSAC Technical Instructor and a BSAC National Instructor. Tim earned his PADI OWSI in 2008 and progressed up to MSDT before earning his SDI/TDI instructor in 2009.

In addition to his instructor credentials, Tim also holds CCR MOD 1, sidemount, full cave diver and a Apeks & Aqualung service technician certifications. When he's not diving, Tim is a Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2) in the Royal Engineers.

If you want to get in contact with Tim feel free to contact him here.

The boring bit!

All opinions expressed are my own and may differ to other instructor's and agency guidelines; by no means are they wrong and I would not wish to disrepute any of them.  Any posts are for information only and should not replace proper training.

Safe diving!

Timothy Gort
BSAC, PADI & SDI/TDI diver training
l Mob: 07968148261 l Email:

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