Friday, 30 December 2016


2016 has been a mixed year for rectotec with a number of highs and lows, the lows caused by my day job, but overall things have gone well. 

January started well with a TDI Intro to Tech course followed by 2 weeks in Cyprus teaching BSAC Sports Diver and Dive Leader courses.  I also then completed my PADI Tec Deep Instructor upgrade.  However, I am unable to teach the Tec 45 and 50 courses as I’m 5 student Nitrox certifications short.  Moving into February I was delivering more BSAC Dive Leader courses before things went slightly pear shaped.  I was lucky enough to get promoted from SSgt to WO2 which meant moving from Ipswich to Camberley.  Additionally, I deployed overseas on an operational tour and on my return, I had some promotion courses to do.  Not a bad thing for my military career but a small setback for rectotec as I had to cancel my Scapa trip and a few UK diving trips.  Although the students from the cancelled courses were able to complete their TDI AN/DP courses with Greg from Hidden Depths.  I did however learn dry caving to compliment my cave diving with the hope of doing more in the future.

Moving forward to July I completed the practical exam element of the BSAC First Class Diver exam (passing with a merit) and shortly after I was back at TEKCamp as a safety diver.  A couple of UK diving trips followed along with running a TDI AN/DP course and further BSAC training.  In September, the website received a few tweeks thanks to Jason Brown of BARDOCreative before attempting the theory exam element of the BSAC First Class Diver exam (passing with a merit) and further UK diving.  October saw EUROTEK 2016 and the NEC Dive Show where I was on the TDI stand and presenting on the TEKDeck Stage.  I also spent the evening as a guest at the BSAC Diving Conference where I was awarded my BSAC First Class Diver  award, and surprisingly, I was awarded the AP Diving Award – awarded for the most admirable performance in the First Class Diver exam.  Additionally, attended the Human Factors Skills in Diving course which is a must for anyone, regardless of certification. 

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As the year draws a close this is my 11th blog, I’ve started prepping for my BSAC National Instructor and I finally completed my TDI Helitrox Instructor with Mark Powell. 

Outside of rectotec, I’ve worked on a number of BSAC instructor events as well as teaching with my branch; RESDA.  I’ve advised on the new primary donate materials and am already authorized to teach PD on BSAC’s technical courses.  I’ve also assisted the Defence Medical Services in training prior to Ascension and wounded in service (WiS) prior to Sri Lanka.

As we move into 2017 I’m offering a deal on PADI Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) courses for the first 5 to enable me to complete my PADI Tec Deep Instructor upgrade.  The cost; £60.

I’ll be doing more work on the BSAC primary donate materials, and need to get in the water to video some demo skills for the accompanying DVD.  I’ll be completing the TDI Visual Inspection Procedures course, I’ve got some more dry caving in February, a number of BSAC instructor events regionally and at JSSADC, as well as assisting Advanced Instructor and First Class Diver events as part of my BSAC National Instructor preparation.  In addition, there’s a number of organised prep events in the diary before the exam in July, which, I may have to postpone until 2018 due to a Shetland trip.  Other trips include a number of UK diving weekends and a possible deep trimix week out of Plymouth.

But first, there’s possibly a TDI Intro to Tech course in the New Year.

If you’re interested in any courses in 2017 then get in touch.

Safe diving.

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Safe diving!

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