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Boltsnaps are commonly attached to primary regulator hoses, high pressure hoses, backup lights and goodman handles for easy stowage.  This is a simple skill which I often find myself showing people so I thought I’d try to make a step by step guide.  I would like to clarify however that there are many ways of doing this; this is mine.

You will need the following:
1. 12”/30cm of cave line (the stuff from your spool).
2. Boltsnap (or p-clip).
3. Hose, light or goodman handle.
4. Scissors or a sharp blade.
5. Lighter.

Wrap the line around the hose and clip three times then pull tight.

Now we’re going to start the knot.  Cross the 2 ends over each other.

Now we’re going to tie the knot on the other side to lock the boltsnap in place.  To do this, flip the boltsnap over and pull both ends round.

Next we’re going to tie a reef knot to secure the boltsnap.  Remember left over right; right over left.  Tie the first half of the knot and pull tight.

Next tie the second half of the knot.  If this is done incorrectly it will be a double granny know and may not hold; the finished knot should look symmetrical.  Once tied, pull tight.

To finish, cut the ends off as close to the knot as possible ensuring you leave a few millimeters.

And melt the ends with a lighter, flattening them with the base of the lighter.  This will stop the ends from fraying and reduce the risk of the knot coming undone.

The end result should look something like this; tight enough that it doesn’t slide down the hose but also aids the boltsnap to standup so it’s easy to locate.

I hope that this is helpful to some of you.  An alternative method can be found here.

The boring bit!
All opinions expressed in my articles are my own and may differ to other instructor’s and agency guidelines; by no means are they wrong and I would not wish to disrepute any of them.  This article is for information only and should not replace proper training.

Safe diving!

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  1. I would like to add that zip/cable ties should be avoided as they can snap/break underwater. This is the prefered method.