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Over a year later than intended, I thought it was about time that I wrote a short piece about the Apeks LifeLine Spool.

The spools are available in four sizes; 15m, 30m, 45m, and more recently, 60m.  I’ve been using the (green) 30m spool.  Mine was purchased back in 2016 at the same time as my Apeks Manifold and Bands so I’ve been using it now for some time. 

First impressions, other than the price, is that the spool is solid.  It really is well built.   The size of the spool along with the nobly edges make It really easy to grip, and the large hole in the center allows plenty of movement if you were to hold it between thumb and forefinger.  Certainly no risk of jamming if using it to deploy a DSMB (as I do). 

Moving onto the line, it is brightly colored so no chance of mistaking it, something that I really like, just like the line on Kent Tooling’s reels.  Because of the shape of the spool, and because the line is flat rather than round like traditional line, the line is very compact and unlike other spools does not interfere with the access to the holes around the edges.  However, the flat line can cause it to slip through the p-clip.  To that end, I would only use this spool for DSMBs and not for line laying.

There is also a swivel on the end to prevent twists when reeling in, as well as a sewn strip to make access easy, especially in UK waters with thick gloves.  The system does work well, however personally I feel it can be too over engineered (if that even is a problem).  A classic ‘woody’ would work equally well.

Swivel & sewn strip 
Classic 'woody' and loop

Lastly the spool also comes complete with a 316 stainless steel double ended bolt snap. 

Overall the spool is extremely well built and is great to use for DSMBs.  It would probably be great to use for line laying, and I have previously done so, but I wouldn’t in the future due to the line trap risk.  The space saving solution has caused a small problem.  But, a minor point on an otherwise excellent build by Apeks.

The boring bit!
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Safe diving!

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