Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I have been diving with Discovery Divers on more occasions than I can remember.  However I was there teaching on a course last weekend and I would like to share a few words about the excellent service from them. 

Discovery Divers was formed in 2003 by Danny Daniels and Dave Handley; both with over 50 years’ experience in military, commercial and recreational diving.  In fact having both been in the Royal Navy and posted in Plymouth as diving instructors at the Joint Service Sub-Aqua Diving Centre they also happen to have dived nearly every square foot of sea bed around the Plymouth area so if you ever need any local knowledge Danny and Dave are your men!
Located at Fort Bovisand, Plymouth, (PL9 0AB) shore diving is available on site or if you prefer something further afield they have 2 boats available; Eclipse and Red Alert.  Eclipse is used for the day shuttles and is an 11 metre RHIB, but is almost a hard boat.  She is fully equipped with kitting up benches, ladders and cabin complete with toilet.  Red Alert is the charter boat and is a hard boat fitted with all the facilities you would expect, a large cabin, toilet, kitting up benches, lift and lunch (well, it is the charter boat!).  Both boats are licensed for 12 divers and carry all the usual emergency equipment including oxygen.

·   Shore diving: £5 per car.
·   Eclipse: Generally £45* per day (2 dives).
·   Red Alert: Generally £450* for the day (2 dives).
* Prices may vary in winter.

In addition they have air, Nitrox and Trimix to 300 BAR with prices starting from £4, a small shop, café and if you wish to stay the weekend they have both bunkroom (prices vary) and twin rooms (£25 per person per night) available.  Additionally if you’re an instructor intending on running a course there they also have classrooms available for use.

Discovery Divers have a loyal fan base and it’s not hard to see why.  They value their customer and unlike other boat charters because they’re based overlooking the Breakwater if the weather’s looking bad you can expect to get a phone call Thursday offering to cancel rather than going out and only diving inside the Breakwater.  They have a relaxed attitude but safety is paramount.
If when you’re diving you expect all the mod-cons then to be honest go elsewhere, however if you want to dive with proper British divers and (in my opinion) the best in Plymouth then I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Thanks very much guys and I look forward to lots of diving together in the future.
The boring bit!
All opinions expressed in my articles are my own and may differ to other instructor’s and agency guidelines; by no means are they wrong and I would not wish to disrepute any of them.  This article is for information only and should not replace proper training.
Safe diving!
Timothy Gort
BSAC, PADI and SDI/TDI diver training
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