Saturday, 8 June 2013


I have always disliked wearing wet suits: apart from cosmetic reasons, putting on a soaked wetsuit is probably my pet hate.  So much so that my diving destinations are either 30 degree Celsius water bikini diving or heaven forbid, a dry suit in the red sea during winter months.

After booking myself for a week of diving in Florida Keys during May, I realized water temperature of 26-27°c was too cold to be bikini diving, especially doing up to 4 dives a day.  I looked round and found the Fourth Element Thermocline range, a neutrally buoyant wetsuit.  I bought the Thermocline Explorer, which is a sleeveless one piece.  In addition I also purchased the Thermocline Women’s Shorts and Women’s Short Sleeve Top.

I wore a rash vest underneath the Thermocline Explorer and Women’s Short Sleeve Top over.  It was cosy and easy to put on.  The fleece layer was comfortable on land, without feeling too hot when kitted up (yes even in the tropical Florida Keys weather in May).  Underwater at 26 degree Celsius I was snug and the garment also flexible range of moments. 

In the afternoon dives I opted for my rash vest with the Women’s Short Sleeve top and Women’s Shorts.  The best thing I like about the Thermocline range is the rapid drying.  No ‘wet’ wet suit!  It is light to pack, important with the luggage allowance for travellers.  It is also machine washable, nothing beats a fresh smelling suit!  In addition, it can also be used as an undergarment for a dry suit.  One improvement that I would suggest is perhaps the Thermocline Explorer could have a “foot strap” or “stirrups” that could keep the hem from occasionally riding up.  I think I would complete my collection with a new Thermocline Women’s Long Sleeve top. 

PS: Not currently sponsored by Fourth Element, but would love to be!

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