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I’ll be honest; I’ve copied this from Light-For-Me (LFM) however as a supplier of these torches I thought it may be worth sharing with you guys.
The 7XRE is comparable to some of the best primary lights on the market in terms of output but in terms of size, how does it compare to a ‘generic’ 21W HID?  What size is the light head?  Can it be attached to a harness etc…
Firstly, let’s look at the 7XRE; what are the specs?  I’ll not bore you with the physical sizes as they may not mean anything, besides, that is what the pictures are for and everything else can be found on the website, however let’s concentrate on the important stuff:
·                Includes also a protective cordura cover for the canister (battery) that allows it to be attached to either a wing or a harness.
·                Pressure tested to 10 BAR.
·                2 modes of light; 100% and 10% power.
·                7 LEDS, 6-degree beam, very narrow light, ideal for signalling.
·                2200 lumens (very bright).
·                4 or 6 hour burn time (battery dependent).
Prices for the torches are definitely better than the HIDs, starting from (RRP) £504 - £660 depending on the battery option, however there’s always a deal to be struck.  A video of the light in action can be seen below.
NOTE: Light-For-Me don’t just do primary lights; they have a wide range of accessories including:
·                Backup lights.
·                GoPro video lighting system.
·                Video light accessories.
·                Reels.
·                Trim weight pockets.
·                And many more….
If you have any questions on this or any Light-For-Me product please ask.
For more information on Light-For-Me click on their website or their Facebook page.
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