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In my last 2 articles on stage/decompression cylinders we looked at making the rigging kit (here) and correctly labeling the cylinder (here).  My last looks at setting up the regulators.

This article is written for stage/decompression cylinders which are worn on the left side of the diver.  This article is also written using Apeks regulators.  This article can be used with other manufactures  regulators however there may be some slight differences.

Setting up
You will need the following:
1. 1st stage (DS4 used in example).
2. 2nd stage (TX40 used in example).
3. SPG (Suunto SM-36 used in example).
4. 6” HP hose.
5. 40” LP hose (depending on first stage used).
6. 6”/15cm of cave line (the stuff from your spool).
7. Lighter.
8. Scissors/knife.
Attach the 1st stage to the cylinder with the HP port facing down.  Then attach the 2nd stage and hose as follows:
1. 40” hose on a fixed turret such as a DS4*.
2. 36” octo/AS hose on a swivel turret such as a DST*. 
(A standard regulator hose is 29” long; too short for the regulator to be looped around the back of the head)
*Refer to manufacturer if unsure.
Then attach the SPG and 6” hose.  The reason a 6” HP hose is used instead of a standard 24” is because it allows better routing.  If the longer hose was used it would either have to be clipped off somewhere, or, if stowed down the cylinder in a similar manor to the regulators, there is a possibility of pulling it out.  The other advantage a 6” hose gives is the gauge is visible without the diver having to use a hand to get to it.

Next take the line and tie a loop approximately 2” long.  As per the boltsnap how to (here), melt the ends with a lighter and flattening them with the base of the lighter.  This will stop the ends from fraying and reduce the risk of the knot coming undone.
Bend the 6” hose back on itself and place the loop over.  It should naturally sit above the ends of the hose.
Notice the hose is protected between the 1st stage and the cylinder valve.
All that’s now left to do is tidy up the 2nd stage hose.  This is routed along the left hand side of the rigging kit with the mouthpiece of the 2nd stage tucked behind the hose keeping it in place, all nice and neat.

Thank you very much for reading.  Hopefully you should now have a stage/decompression cylinder looking something like mine.

The boring bit!
All opinions expressed in my articles are my own and may differ to other instructor’s and agency guidelines; by no means are they wrong and I would not wish to disrepute any of them.  This article is for information only and should not replace proper training.

Safe diving!

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