Monday, 16 July 2012


Before I could afford to buy a GoPro I decided to purchase a Midland XTC 100 Action Camera with underwater Housing.  At only £90 from the NEC Dive Show it was worth a punt, especially as the GoPro is over £300 without any accessories.
I managed to dive with it at the NDAC with some of my buddies from the Royal Engineers Sports Diving Association (RESDA).  Obviously it's not HD footage but I only bought the camera for teaching feedback and the odd dive if I thought there would be anything interesting.  I completely forgot that the housing was only rated to 30m when I was at 50m!  Oh well….  It also only has only 1 button/slide with 3 LEDS. Push the slide and battery (if not battery low) and memory card (if not full) LEDS come on followed by the recording LED. Max 5 seconds from on to record.  The camera uses 2x AAA batteries and records onto a micro SD card.
It was mounted to my Green Force torch using a handlebar tripod mount which seemed to work ok; that was what was used to film the footage above.   I also modified one of the supplied mounts with a Suunto SK7 wrist strap to make a flexible Goodmans handle if I decide to use it that way.

The contents of the box & exact specifications are as follows:
·                Single Slide Switch On/Off switch
·                640 x 480 @ 30FPS.
·                2Gb micro SD card.
·                Camera View - 140˚ wide angle.
·                Uses 2 AAA Batteries (Included).
·                4:3 Aspect Ratio.
·                Battery Life Indicator.
·                Low Memory Indicator.
·                USB 2.0 File Transfer.
·                Actual size: 3.35" x 1.65" x 1.18".
·                Weight: 0.15 lb (without batteries).

In the box:
·                Action Camera.
·                Helmet Mount (3M adhesive pads).
·                Helmet Strap Mount.
·                Goggle Mount.
·                Handlebar Mount.
·                USB Cable.
·                2x AAA Batteries.
·                Owners Manual.

UW Housing:

·                Submersible Case.
·                Rated to 100 feet.

A similar review was conducted on Yorkshire Divers.  The discussions from the threads can be located here.

It works as a budget camera and is good for close up footage.  At the price it’s certainly value for money.

The boring bit!
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Safe diving!

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